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Stop thinking it over and join us
 for the 4th Hula Valley Bird Festival

16-23 Nov 2014 – Hula Valley Israel


With 3 successful festivals behind us we feel that the Hula Valley Bird Festival is now well established and recognized as one of those “not to be missed” events on the International Birding year.

The past 3 festivals hosted hundreds of Birdwatchers, photographers and bird lovers from Israel and many other nationalities.

Together we set out to explore the diverse avian wonders Northern Israel has to offer, from the alpine summits of Mt Hermon to the low lying shores of the Sea of Galilee, festival tours combed the country logging around 200 species of birds and no less than 12 species of mammals!


The Hula Valley Birds Festival offers a full week birding program, based at the excellent Pastoral Hotel and led by the finest tour leaders in Israel. Besides exploring the famous Hula Valley sites including the famous “mobile hide” tours at the Agamon Park festival tours encompass all the major birding sites and species Northern Israel has to offer.

Following productive days in the field festival visitors are welcome to enjoy a series of excellent talks and presentations every evening.     


Check out the 2013 Hula Valley Festival summary and checklist tabs to get a feel of the event and the birding highlights of what was our biggest Hula Festival to date.


Our Partners in the UK WildWings are offering Hula Festival packages including flights from the UK.


Join us for an unforgettable week of birds, wildlife and events and come discover the Hula Valley and Northern Israel for the natural gems they are.


Finally we remind you that the Israel Ornithological Center is a non- profit organization and that all the proceeds from our festivals go directly to field work and bird conservation action in Israel. Your money makes a difference, come do your part for Israel’s birds.



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